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Miami Herald Year's Ten Best: As American costs and casualties grow, it's worth learning about the region's tragic past and how Bush's war fits into the tapestry. Black makes history come alive.
Richard Pachter
Miami Herald
Foreign Affairs Magazine Bestseller within first two weeks. The 15 top-selling hardcover books on American foreign policy and international affairs. Rankings are based on national sales at Barnes & Noble stores and BarnesandNoble.com.
Foreign Affairs Magazine
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History repeats itself, repeats itself; especially on the road to Baghdad... If he could take a 15-second elevator ride with this year’s presidential candidates, New York Times best selling author Edwin Black might give them that message.
Bill Castanier
City Pulse
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Until the West frees itself of its dependency on oil, a presence in the Middle East will continue, the author of a book on Iraq's history said.
David Frownfelder
Adrian Telegram
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