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Banking on Baghdad will appear in various editions in several languages around the world. Not all those editions are identical. There are minor differences. During the months leading up to production, a sequence of last minute "manuscript fixes" was distributed. These conveyed subtle tweaks and editing for space. As a result of the rigors of decentralized production and modern cross-platform collaborative software, in some early copies, seven typographical errors and manuscript glitches appear--this because words dropped out or changes were not saved. These typos were immediately corrected for later editions, but will be seen in some of the earliest copies.

In some cases, the meaning, context or fact of the sentence was changed. The seven typographical errors include a misspelling of the word "Mediterranean," a reference to a June 2 event in a clear series of June events as "January 2," a reference to the nationality of a Flemish town that changed sovereignty from Dutch to Belgium in the 19th century, the name of an early 20th century Jewish organization, the ethnic make-up of a pre-WWI European extremist group, the English translation of a 19th century French comment, and an obvious reference to a prominent 2001 event as occurring in 2000. These typos exist only in some of the earliest copies. If any reader has caught an additional typographical error or found words that may have dropped out to alter meaning, context or facts, please contact us.

In addition, each country adheres to its own publishing traditions, especially with regards to format, graphics, indices and endnotes. Several countries will include numerous documents and photographs, often localized to their readership. In some languages, certain English, Turkish or Arabic words do not exist and must be approximated in the translation. Furthermore, whenever words are translated from one language to English and then into a third language, variation will occur.

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