Thursday, November 11, 2004

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Author Black Discusses Iraq at Nov. 10 Miami Press Luncheon

    MIAMI, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Author Edwin Black will give a background
look at Iraq and discuss his latest book "Banking on Baghdad" before an open-
to-the-public luncheon of the South Florida International Press Club Wednesday
(Nov. 10) at the Miami Shores Country Club at noon.
    Black, whose books "War Against the Weak" and "IBM and the Holocaust" were
major successes, this time is launching a book that tells about the
subjugation of Iraq by foreign powers throughout history.  The book has had
excellent reviews since its debut last month.
    The luncheon is open to the public (with reservations).  Cost is $25.
RSVP to Press Club Treasurer Andy Alpers, 305-596-4228, or Press Club
President Ron Levitt, 954-349-2596 or 305-775-2689.
    "'Banking on Baghdad' is a fascinating background on Iraq -- and its
position as a major oil producer -- which will help people understand today's
headlines," Black said.
    A synopsis of Black's new book describes his research this way:  "In
'Banking on Baghdad,' New York Times and international best-selling author
Black chronicles the dramatic and tragic history of a land long the center of
world commerce and conflict. Tracing the involvement of Western governments
and militaries, as well as oil, banking, and other corporate interests, Black
pinpoints why today, just as throughout modern history, the world needs Iraq's
resources -- and remains determined to acquire and protect them. 'Banking on
Baghdad' painfully documents Iraq's recent history," according to a recent